Video Tips

Video Marketing Tips For The Price-Conscious

Video marketing has proven to be effective when it comes to getting your point across. The effectiveness of videos ultimately depends on the quality. A video with great quality can boost your company (check out my previous post: On the other hand, a video with poor quality can have negative effects on your company. Although this is true, you don’t need thousands of dollars worth of equipment to create a video that comes with a punch!

Here are some general tips that can help you with your video:

  1. Equipment – A hi-tech camera is not required. The majority of smart phones come equipped with decent cameras.
  2. Lighting – Sufficient lighting is crucial when it comes to video quality. Check your surroundings before you shoot.
  3. Stability – “Shaky” videos are unappealing and unprofessional. Stabilization tools can be purchased online (Amazon)
  4. Sound – The integrated microphone on a smart phone does not pick up sounds from afar too well. As an alternative, microphone extensions can be purchased that can adapt to your device.
  5. Timeline – Before you start to shoot, write a script and plan your shots. Planning rather than shooting on the fly will save you time and money.