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Email Marketing is Still Essential

Now a days, companies are so focused on SMM (social media marketing), while they downplay email marketing. This internet tool might be “old school”, but it still remains essential and effective. It all depends on how it is implemented.

If you want truly want to create an effective email campaign, the email list must be WILLING to receive emails from you. There is a saying in the automotive industry which goes, “built, not bought”, which implies that goods that are bought will never be as good as something that was created genuinely. This applies directly to email marketing. Obtaining a list rather than purchasing a random email list is not hard, but takes a lot of work. To begin, you must ask your target audience if they want to receive additional information. This can be done through a permission process after purchasing a product, creating a forum account, etc. The step after is simply choosing the right content to send.

Side note: Why is this segment of marketing still essential? This is due to the fact that all large percentage of online activity is somehow connected to your email. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you checked your email? Exactly.