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Mobilize Your Marketing Strategy

I am currently having this issue of always running low on battery when it comes to my smart phone. As school work and actual work continue to accumulate on my already busy schedule, I often find myself relying more and more on my mobile phone for everything. I take advantage of the little machine for its searching, web surfing, entertaining, and navigating capabilities, just to name a few. I am sure this is  the norm for most people. I own three computers (do not ask why) which sit idle at home. You might ask, why don’t you just use a computer to do those things? Yes, a computer may be faster, bigger, and better, but it lacks in one department. Mobility. It is not like I can lug around a 15.6 inch laptop with me everywhere I go. Lately, I’ve been finding myself glaring at my Samsung Galaxy S4 a few hours a day instead of my computer screen. My main concern is, will my experience be the same, worse, or better if i visit your page with my mobile device?

You might reconsider your digital strategy after taking a look at Brian Solis’ article, “Forget about Social Media for a moment. What’s your mobile strategy”?

The key point Brian brings out is the fact that more and more people are using mobile devices rather than clunky computers to view your webpage. The estimated number of tablet users for 2014 is 90 million. This “fad” is not going away anytime soon. Have you visited your company website with your mobile device? Is your site designed for mobile use? Is your mobile page load speed faster than your competitors? Will the end user have a good experience if they visit your page on their phone? Imagine yourself being the mobile end user that is looking for company Z. Company Z’s mobile page is confusing and takes a while to load. Company Y’s page is fast and clear. It won’t take long before the user switches and says, “Z ya later”.

Example of a bad mobile experience

Example of a bad mobile experience. Confusing, slow, and wordy.

Example of a good mobile experience

Example of a good mobile experience. Clear, fast, and concise.

Take away: Strategically Mobilize before your competition does.