Month: March 2014

Market on Instagram

Even though Instagram has been a forefront for “selfies” and memes, it has the potential of becoming a crucial social media platform for businesses. The social media outlet is able to tell a story, promote a product, generate brand reputation, etc. through the use of photos and short videos. The most important benefit of using this specific platform is the gain of awareness by means of visual aide. Facebook and Twitter offers that as well, but is usually flooded with text and unwanted content.

Instagram, the user-friendly mobile app, is becoming an excellent search tool as it takes advantage of #hashtags, which is a form of a metadata tag. The combination of awareness, search, and the ability to “like” a post, generates another important key component. Credibility. The credibility of a post/company can usually be gauged by the amount of likes/followers. It almost acts like a review system where the number of likes and #hashtags dictate credibility and attractiveness.

Large companies have already taken advantage of the platform through sponsored advertising. The “ad” shows up on an individual Instagram feed as a regular post and is not obtrusive like the sidebar in Facebook.

 A company that has already taken the lead:

 Taco 1

Hopefully this does not make you too hungry. Tacobell has been aggressive with their marketing strategy. With over 355K followers, Tacobell’s posts are able to gain about 20,000 likes per post. Their approach emphasizes on humor appeal and a young & wild life style which is clearly portrayed in their Instagram feed.

 A return on investment is difficult to measure when it comes to digital marketing, but it is evident that their initiative on Instagram has made an impact. From this example (post on right), we can see that Tacobell is able to successfully promote their breakfast campaign (includes the waffle taco) and emphasize their position, lifestyle, to their large following audience. 


As more and more people start to use Instagram regularly, the chances of your audience to look for you Instagram with increase as well. It’s time for you to plan your Instagram Initiative!